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Bear Grylls, International Adventurer "An epic challenge and one that should not be undertaken lightly - this will be a huge feat to achieve and I admire Kevin hugely for having the courage to go for this"

- Bear Grylls

Internationally renowned Explorer Bear Grylls, comments on the enormity of Kevins Sahara Expedition.

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Karnazes and Carr's toughest runs


The '50 in 50' is the most difficlt run UltraMarathon man has completed.


The above chart drawn to scale shows the enormity of the run, well over a thousand miles ran, and the total ascent climbed higher than that of Mount Everest!

Shown on the same chart is the total mileage and ascent covered by 'MOUNTAIN MARATHON MAN' (Carr) during his succesful attempt to become the first person to run the length of both England and Scotland over trails and mountains.

In 2009 Kevin Carr ran the longest unsupported Solo run ever ran in the UK, over Mountainous terrain and in doing so completed the toughest Endurance run in UK history.

Imagine climbing up and down Mount Everest, followed by running the London marathon 24 times then realising you have to climb Mount Everest again to reach the finish line! Crazy isn't it.... Trouble is that wasn't the finish line- your only Half way!

You havn't done it, have you? - Come on, spend a few seconds to pause and really imagine how it would feel to push yourself to climb to the top of Everest run 24 full Marathon's back-back, climb all the way to the top of mount Everest again, and then to find out your only half way - you have to do another 24 full Marathons and then climb to the top of Mount Everest not just once but twice more.

Ubelievable, isn't it? Impossible to imagine? Well it gets worse:

Just before setting off you receive the bombshell that there’s going to be no support crew, which means no way to plan meals or meal times, in-fact you have no clue what you will be able to eat and more worryingly when or even 'if' you will eat each day, no idea of when you’ll get your next fluids, oh and no idea where you’ll be sleeping each night.

Off course you will still need food, fluids, spare shoes, spare socks, spare clothes, first aid/hygiene kit, tracking devices (to verify your attempt), phone, GPS unit, chargers for all the above plus batteries, oh and some sort of camping system – matt/tent/bag etc... it just means, that now without the support crew; this is all going in a bag and on your back, the equivalent of a two year old toddler coming along for a piggy back ride!

On July 12th/2009 UltraMarathon runner Kevin Carr became the first Athlete to run the length of the British Isles on trails – and over mountains, the longest unsupported fell/trail run in UK history and one of the longest Mountain Marathons ran anywhere in the world.

In completeing the first ever off-road run between Lands End and John O'Groats, 'Mountain Marathon Man' Carr ran 1,254 miles and climbed more than 120,000FT; equvilant to:


Climbing MT Everest 4 times + running 48 full Marathons, in just 46 days

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